Absorbance Test Plate (ELISA Reader Photometry control) (3002 DK)

The Absorbance Test Plate has certified target values for the absorbance and in this way, you can ensure the right quality of your ELISA-equipment.

If you wish to report results for several instruments, these should be signed up separately for program 4105 DK.

The Absorbance Test Plate is forwarded among the participants and the circulation starts in January.
In 2024 there were 23 participants.

See letter of instructions 2024

Open result form 2024 (Excel file).

Participants will receive the plate’s calibration certificate and table with acceptance intervals as soon as the results are reported to DEKS.
The overall annual report is available at www.deksonline.dk at the end of January the following year.
See example report

If you have any questions, please contact program coordinator Biomedical Laboratory Scientist Lisbeth Nielsen,