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DEKS is short for Dansk Institut for Ekstern Kvalitetssikring for Laboratorier i Sundhedssektoren (Danish Institute for External Quality Assurance for Laboratories in the health sector).
Colloquially DEKS.

DEKS’ purpose is to increase patient safety through quality assurance of lab medical tests, which is expected to increase the reliability of these tests.

DEKS offers quality assurance of diagnostic lab medical tests through programs for external quality assurance, training, standardisation and international cooperation.

DEKS provides services to clinical biochemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, clinical physiology and nuclear medicine and general practitioners and are open for assistance to other lab medical specialities as required.

The professional development of DEKS also occurs through cooperation with national and international organizations.

Annually, a user’s meeting in form of a conference with lectures, training, workshops, a poster-exhibition and a commercial exhibition is carried out.