SKUP * is a Scandinavian collaboration founded in 1997 by representatives from Noklus in Norway, Equalis in Sweden and DEKS in Denmark.

The purpose is to carry out supplier-independent evaluations of different types of POCT equipment with a focus on analysis quality and user-friendliness.
The practical part is carried out at the users’ premises, in collaboration with hospital laboratories and the primary sector, and is paid for by the suppliers.
The POCT equipment in question is evaluated on the basis of established criteria that apply to the same type of equipment, which makes evaluations of different POCT equipment comparable.
The results of the SKUP evaluations are published in reports if the POCT equipment has entered the Scandinavian market.

If the POCT equipment you wish to purchase has not been SKUP-evaluated, you can request a SKUP evaluation directly from the supplier. It is also possible in connection with a public tender for the POCT equipment, to have it specified in the tender that within a given time frame a SKUP evaluation should be performed.

Read more about SKUP and see the latest SKUP evaluations at SKUP’s homepage.

All inquiries about SKUP in Denmark is facilitated by DEKS: