qLabs Q-3 Plus PT (INR)

SKUP has published a report describing the evaluation of qLabs Q-3 Plus PT (INR) Owren (dry).
The qLabs Q-3 Plus PT (INR) Owren (dry) system is an in vitro diagnostic device for quantitative measurement of Prothrombin Time International Normalized Ratio (PT (INR)).
The system is intended for healthcare professionals.

The report provides a vendor-independent evaluation of the analysis quality and user-friendliness of the instrument when used under real life conditions by intended users in primary health care.

The evaluation was performed at four primary health care centres where 186 patients participated who were all on stable vitamin K antagonist treatment. The  results and user-friendliness were evaluated in relation to predetermined quality goals.

  • The quality goal for repeatability was fulfilled.
  • The quality goal for accuracy was not fulfilled.
  • The quality goal for user-friendliness was not fulfilled

On SKUP’s website www.skup.org you can find the evaluation report.

Here you will also find an overview of ongoing evaluations and published SKUP reports.