Immunocytochemistry Modules

Currently laboratories are able to participate in up to 6 different immunocytochemistry modules (plus one pilot module), depending on their service commitments and specialised areas of interest. These modules are as follows;

Module 1: General Pathology
Module 2: Breast Pathology (Hormonal Receptors)
Module 3: Breast Pathology (HER-2/neu)
Module 4: Lymphoid Pathology
Module 5: Neuropathology
Module 6: Cytopathology
Module 7: Alimentary Tract Pathology (Pilot Module)

Priser 2003 DKK
Bestilling af et af ovenstående moduler 3.080
Bestilling af efterfølgende moduler 1.870
Bestilling af pilotmodulet 825
Bestillingsåret går fra april til marts.